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프론트 리셉션니스트


Performs all necessary functions that are required in the processing of patients during patient encounters.
Collecting insurance and demographic information
Scheduling of appointments in accordance with company policy
Collect and copy insurance cards and prescriptions
Opens and Closes office
Consistently and appropriately processes phone calls and disseminates messages to appropriate personnel.
Responsible for cleanliness of workstations/Treatment rooms and patient care areas.
Maintains safe working environment, adhering to organizational and OSHA policies.
Employs positive customer service skills with both internal and external customers.
Retrieves and processes daily voice mail messages.
Scanning documents into patient files
Calling Doctors offices to obtain paperwork needed.
Processes payments called into the office.
Daily mailing and monthly statements.
Monitoring, fielding and forwarding all emails through main account
Checking patients out with all necessary paperwork signed.
Anything else provided to you as daily office work.

자격 조건

MS OFFICE 간단하게 사용합니다. 풀/파트 타임 가능
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