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이하 KIC 워싱턴) 한국 스타트업의 글로벌 생태계 진입을 추진하고 과학기술분야의 글로벌 협력을 통해 세계에서 가장 혁신적인 국가가 있도록 창의적인 기여를 하는 스타트업 인큐베이터 입니다.


Job Description

Team Leader helps Korea Innovation Center to solve issues, create value,
maximize growth and improve Technology Management project and performance. They
use their business and Technology exchange and transfer skills and capabilities
to provide objective pursuance and help an organization to develop any tools
and methodologies that it may be lacking.

Position: Technology
Commercialization Team Leader/



-    provide services that are directed toward improving the
managerial,      operating, and
technology transfer and exchange transactions and measure performance of
start-up entities by analyzing and resolving strategic and operating problems
and thereby improving the start-ups' goals, objectives, policies, strategies,
administration, organization, technology management, and operation.

Manages projects and
related specific activities within given constraints of time, budget and
quality. Ensure scope, schedule, and costs are reasonable and achievable.

-       Allocate work among
team members and provide guidance regularly

-       Write project reports
both in Korean and English


Requirement (or Asset Qualification)

in a field of specialty related to technology management experience as for
business management or project management

in providing relevant technology transfer and commercialization experience and
consultation to start-ups and/or SMEs both Korean and US tech-based companies
at least a minimum of 5 years.

Any Certificate of
Technology Commercialization, Transfer, and Technology Management is a plus


[Application Process]

Submit Resume (Korean/English) via: Brian Moon,

Query: Evan Jeong,


Resume Review: First come, first serve basis
Interview Schedule: Employer will contact each individual upon receipt of the