HMart San Jose II 매장 전부서 직원모집 (Meat, Seafood, Cashier 등)



고객 만족과 더불어 빠르게 성장하고 있는 H MART가 함께 일할 성실한 직원을 모집합니다.

1. 모집부문 (Full- time & Part time)

· Seafood (수산부) / Meat & Poultry (정육부)

- Weigh meat and label containers with the weight and contents.

- Sort and process by-products into specified sealed containers.

- Clean, carve, and trim carcasses into parts and package accordingly.

- Assist in skin, feather, scales, and bone removal.

· Produce (청과부)

- Bag or wrap purchases for customer or for display.

- Rotate product according to company methods and procedures.

- Fill customer order by obtaining items from shelves, freezers, coolers, bins, tables or containers.

- Clean shelves, bins, cases, tables and coolers.

· Grocery (그로서리부)

- Move products and packaging from one location of the store to another safely.

- Check inventory and update stock totals.

- Shelve groceries in an attractive, hygienic manner.

- Attend meetings and assist with emergency deliveries.

· Cashier (계산부)

- Bag merchandise and collect money.

- Operate cash register to process sales.

- Close and balance cash drawers.

- Assist return/refund customers.

- Handle customer complaint.

· Houseware (생활용품부)

- Assist the customer in selecting products/services, answer questions and check for stock and availability.

- Attend special training of products/services to understand the
product features, trends or styles of the products/services.

- Shelve items in an attractive manner.

· Operation Support (청소, 카트 정리 등)

- Assist customers by loading their groceries to their vehicle.

- Regularly patrol parking lot for loose grocery carts and return them to the appropriate bays.

- Sweep, mop, and vacuum all area floors, rest rooms and break areas. /Replenish supplies.

- Collect and remove trash and recyclables.

· Ready to Cook (RTC, 반찬부)

- Maintain a hygienic environment and personal appearance.

- Set up and break down equipment, materials, and ingredients.

- Follow standard procedures to prepare ingredients and food products.

- Interact with customers and team courteously.

2. 모집조건

- Must be able to work a flexible schedule which may include working weekends and holidays,

- Excellent verbal and written communication in Korean/Chinese/Spanish other than English is a plus.

- Must be eligible to work in US.

3. 매장 위치 :

1710 Oakland Rd., San Jose CA 95131

1179 S. De Anza Blvd., San Jose CA 95129

4. 접수방법: 이력서 또는 경력기술서를 이메일로 제출 (지원시 지원 부서 기입) 또는 매장 방문

5. 접수 이메일 :

6. 직원 혜택 : 건강보험, 유급휴가, 경조금 혜택, 직원 할인, 휴양지 사용 등

많은 지원 부탁드립니다. 감사합니다.

** We are an Equal Opportunity Employer