*dnD Fire protection INC.(소방 스프링클러)*



Our company is currently looking for applicants in the DC, Virginia, and Maryland area.
The job responsibilities will include commercial sprinkler installations and the applicant will be trained in the field directly.
Our company welcomes anyone experienced. (Minimum of 1 year of experience.)
Pay is flexible and will be negotiated after the interview. (up to 18/hr)
Please email all inquiries to hpark@dndfp.com

저희 dnD Fire protection INC.와 함께 일할 직원을 모집합니다.
소방 스프링클러 관련 현장직 (1년이상 경력직)
dmv area(워싱턴디씨/메릴랜드/버지니아)
email : hpark@dndfp.com
phone : 703 888 9972

Fire protection 소방관련 스프링클러 건축 sprinkler 현장직